Established: 1981

Charleston Christian School

Address: 2234 Plainview Road
Charleston, SC 29414
Phone Number: 843-556-4480
Fax Number: 843-766-2430
Web Site:
Principal or Headmaster: Dr. Cecil Beach
Admissions Contact: Lynn Fleming
Mission Statement: To teach the Word of God in conjunction with and in support of both the home and the church. To teach the marvels of God’s world as students mature in their faith, committing themselves to the work and service of God in their homes, churches and communities. To teach for a mastery and excellence int he skills of reading, writing, math, history and sciences. To assist students in developing a consistent Christian world view; thus involving the students’ intellectual understanding, and their moral and ethical response.
Governing Board: Church Creek Presbyterian
Grades Served: K-4 – 8th Grade
Total Enrollment: 63
Accredited: South Carolina Association of Christian Schools
Tuition/Fees: K-4 – $3650.
K-5 – 5 $5680.00
Grade 6-8 – $5780.00
Student Teacher Ratio: 10:1
  • CCS has been providing quality Christian education for over 30 years.
  • CCS does not use only one curriculum. Instead, we carefully choose curricula and textbooks based upon their accuracy in subject matter and ability to present a consistent Christian world view.
  • Small classroom sizes provide teachers the opportunity to get to know each child.