Established: 1972

Charles Towne Montessori School

Address: 56 Leinbach Drive
Charleston, SC 29407
Phone Number: 843-571-1140
Fax Number: 843-556-0493
Web Site:
Principal or Headmaster: Kevin O’Loughlin
Admissions Contact: Lisa Kozlowski
Mission Statement: Charles Towne Montessori School fosters a passion for learning and the development of the whole child, by challenging children’s intellects, promoting their independence, and inspiring curiosity.
Governing Board: Board of Trustees
Grades Served: 3 Months – 6th Grade
Total Enrollment: 90
Accredited: Association Montessori Internationale (AMI)
Tuition/Fees: Elementary: 8,600
Primary Full Day: 7,700
Primary Half Day: 6,560
Toddler Full Day: 9,550
Toddler 5 Half Days: 7,950
Toddler 2 Half Days: 3,200
Toddler 3 Half Days: 4,780
Student Teacher Ratio: Under age three 6:1
Age 3 and up 12:1
Attributes: • South Carolina’s only internationally recognized Montessori School (AMI)
• Experienced and nationally recognized AMI and AMS certified teachers
• Children learn in an atmosphere of respect, honor, peace, and warmth
• Parents have a terrific level of involvement and a sense of community
• An emphasis on the arts with festivals and performances