Organized in 1987, the Tri-County Admissions Council fosters creative dialogue between area private and parochial schools. Admission Directors from member schools meet monthly. The organization’s purposes include standardizing admissions testing where applicable, promoting alternate education choices to low-country parents, reviewing laws that effect independent schools and sharing marketing information. The member schools are located in Charleston, Berkeley, and Dorchester counties.

Membership in the organization is available to schools which meet the following criteria:

  • the school operates with a non-discriminatory admissions policy
  • the school has been in operation for at least five years
  • the school enrolls at least 100 students
  • the school is supervised or accredited by a recognized organization

Requests for membership should be made in writing to the organization. Officers of the council are elected annually. The schools of the Tri-County Admissions Council follow a policy of non-discrimination as to race, color and national origin. Admission is open to students of all religious backgrounds.

For more information about the Tri-County Admissions Council, please contact Hacker Burr at